When it comes to your health and fitness

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Son, what do you see?” asked guru Dronacharya. “I see the sky, the trees, the bird, the branch” answered all his students. Except Arjuna. The ace archer said confidently “I see only the eye of the bird” and his arrow pierced right through the eye of the bird! One of the biggest obstacles to being healthy and lean is setting the wrong aim. Your health is your wealth and this is something which you should always hammer in your mind.

In this age of amazing technology, we’re so informed and distracted that we cannot see what truly matters. We cannot see the bird’s eye, i.e., being a healthier version of our own self- inside and out! Instead, it is tempting to look at the sky, tree, birds, clouds (read: reaching a number on weighing scale, looking like X or Y celebrity, fitting in some 5 years old LBD or jeans, getting more likes on social media and the list goes on…)

These distractions (or might I say the obsession with the weighing scale) take away the joy from every little thing that needs you to focus like Arjuna. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I enjoy eating my food, relish its flavor, think about how it is grown and how it nourishes my body and mind OR do I think about calories, fats, carbs, etc?
– Do I eat slowly, listen to my gut and use my human brain’s self-regulation ability to avoid overeating or do I rely on spoons, cups, weighing scales, katoris, and scientific measurements (that are turning my mom’s “andaaz se daalo” kitchen to a complicated laboratory ) to tell me how much to eat?
– Do I think about getting better at running or squats or any exercise and strengthening my muscles, improving my posture OR do I think about the calories I’ll burn when exercising?

– Do I dance or swim or Zumba or Garba or any fun baa because I enjoy doing it, it makes me happy, healthy, skillful OR do I think about those “problem areas of fat” it will burn?
Weight loss, glowing skin, shiny hair, and so much more will happen as a PART of your fitness journey. But please understand, none of those tempting distracting clouds and trees is the bird’s eye that needs your undivided attention.

So let’s stop getting stimulated by every new weight loss fad out there – fad diets, detox juices, funny looking killer workouts, fat-burning “miracle” foods, sweaty or chilly or masaledaar commercialized yoga.