This amazing treehouse hotel was designed for adults on vacation

, Architecture

Guy Mallinson Woodland Workshop together with Keith Brownlie from BEaM have designed The Woodman’s Treehouse, an adult version of the ever-popular kids treehouse.

Located in West Dorset, England, the two-storey treehouse is arranged around a canopy of aged oak trees, and includes a circular interior with contemporary luxuries.

From the outside, you can see how the treehouse stands on stilts and wraps around a single large tree. Different wooden siding covers the exterior of the treehouse, creating a unique natural look.

A small wood bridge provides access from the ground to the front door.

Just inside the front door and to the left is a small bathroom. The wood that’s on the exterior of the treehouse continues through to the interior.

Upon entering the main living area of the treehouse you become aware that the interior is laid out in a circular pattern. The living area has a central fireplace, comfortable seating and a kitchen area with a large window.

Next up is the bath, the dark black walls are a strong contrast to the white walls of the bedroom, and a copper bath draws your eye to the space. A large floor-to-ceiling window provides uninterrupted views of the trees.

Outside, there’s a bbq and dining area on the deck that wraps around the tree.